Inka Pen : For Extreme Journaling
I have to have a pen with me wherever I write in my journal, to take notes, to jot down directions...more...


Ground Prime Jacket : Two for One

I generally wear my Prime Jacket as an "every day" jacket, and it’s as warm as it needs to be at any....more


Mountain Hardwear Perpetual T : For the Long Haul

I put the shirt to the test recently, spending two days on a work crew helping build wildlife watering holes, ...more


Dakota Tough Compass Clip : Get Where You Need to Be

I just clip it to a belt loop or my day pack, and I have everything I need to get home again.....more


Mountain Hardwear Drifter Pant : A Feather-Light Pant for Trail or Town

Made out of thin, feather-light nylon, the straight-legged Drifter pant is comfortable and easy to pack....more


Smartwool Hiking Med Crew : The Perfect Sock

I don't like thinking about my socks; I just want to throw them on and go. That's why Smartwool's....more


Smartwool Spectrum Zip Mock : All-Purpose Trail and Exercise Top

The super thin material does an excellent job of wicking away sweat and keeping me dry when I heat up...more



Coming soon : Reviews of products by Mountain Hardwear, Mountainsmith, and more.

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy helps communities convert old rail corridors into cycling trails. There are more than 1200 trails nationwide.

Source: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

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