Loomstate Flux Jeans
Slim not skin-tight

I haven't worn girl jeans since high school (back around the Brooke Shields Calvin Klein era; yes, I had a pair). I'm more the men's 501 type--the baggier, the better. Or, I should say, I was. Then I discovered Loomstate's organic jeans.

I had no idea that denim could look and feel so amazing. Or that low-rise jeans could be so comfortable. Loomstate's Flux jeans are slim cut, with tapered legs on the skinny side of straight, yet they don't feel tight. The rise is slightly higher in the back; it's nice to have the extra coverage. They hang just right on my hips, and have enough stretch (without feeling stretchy) that I get both a snug fit and freedom of movement. The straight cut is also slimming. I swear it makes my thighs look thinner than they really are.

Every time I wear these pants, my friends notice and comment, which has been kind of fun since I'm normally walking around dressed like a slob. In fact, one male friend saw me in my fancy pants and said, within seconds of greeting me, "Don't take this the wrong way, but your *** looks fabulous in those jeans." I'll take that.

I think it's important to add here than I'm not 23 and able to wear anything; I'm 42, I have a little gut, and I'm self-conscious about wearing anything that shows off my body.

It may sound funny, but wearing organic denim just feels better. Maybe it's all in my head, but I like the idea of wearing fabric that hasn't been doused with pesticides. I really like the wash on the pair I tested, called "current." It looks like vintage denim with wear areas on the thighs. (Loomstate has several washes available. The Flux jean in "swell" wash has a snugger fit than the current wash.)

Another reason I like Loomstate; they encourage their customers to wash their jeans as infrequently as possible.

Perfect fit, good for the environment, totally fashionable. I love these jeans. Loomstate also makes men's jeans. You can find Loomstate apparel at online retailers such as revolveclothing.com, azalea.com, belkina.com, and on sale at eluxury.com. Check out ecorazzi.com to find out which celebrities are wearing Loomstate jeans...

Note on sizing: I'm normally a size 10 in women's pants, and I often wear men's pants to get the length and lower rise I like. I'm a size 30 in Loomstate; the length seems to be somewhere between 33" and 34".)

Price: $140-179, (depending on wash and sales)

Buy Online: Loomstate Flux in Swell



Loomstate Genesis Jeans
Straight and Low

I'm so glad that straight leg jeans are back. I never liked bell bottoms or flares; even boot-cut jeans are too wide for me. Thankfully, Loomstate makes jeans in a variety of styles.

Like the Flux jeans, above, the Genesis jeans are low-rise, and they look and feel great to wear. I don't know why I always thought that I wouldn't like low-rise jeans; they feel so much better than normal pants because they hug my hips. I like not having a waistband across my stomach.

The Genesis jeans (I tested the Eve wash) are a gorgeous, rich indigo color, and so soft. I like the "stove pipe" straight leg and the trademark yellow stitching on the pant leg hems. Like the Flux, these jeans fit snugly but stretch with wear without feeling stretchy. They don't feel tight; they just feel like they fit.

I love Loomstate's understated style. Too many women's jeans are ruined with decorations and fluff. Loomstate keeps it simple and pure. Like blue jeans should be.

Price: $140-179 (depending on wash and on sales)

Buy Online: Loomstate Genesis Straight in Eve


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