Of the Earth Twiggy Jeans
Like Your Old Jeans, But Better

I like the feel and fit of old jeans, faded and worn to perfect softness. Even better when I find those features in new jeans, like my Of the Earth Twiggy jeans.

Made ouf of organic denim, with a touch of lycra, these straight-legged jeans have green and orange contrast stitching that sets them apart from my old jeans, as well as green zippered back pockets, another novelty in my jeans collection. I love the slightly unfinished look of the pockets and appreciate having a safe place to carry credit cards and parking stubs.

Even if you think that low-rise, skinny jeans aren't your style, you might want to take a second look at the Twiggy jeans. They're modestly cut, with more of a medium-rise, and a wide waistband that flatters curvier figures. And if you've got some junk in the trunk...well, bring it, because these jeans were not desisgned for stick ladies. In fact, since I'm more of a stick (not a thin stick, but an older, thicker stick), I had to go up a size to get a fit in the waistband.

These soft, perfectly faded and subtly frayed jeans are ideal for anyone who's looking for designer jeans that feel more like your favorite old blue jeans. (June 07)

Price: $149.95 (available at Backcountry ski and snowboard gear, camping)


Of the Earth Boho Jean
Fancy Flare

Made out of the same soft, faded, organic denim as the Twiggy jean, the Boho jean is both a bit sassier and more hippy-style than it's straight-legged sista.

These jeans also run long in the inseam and are quite snug around the waist, so you're in luck if you have a shape to fill them out. I like the slanted snap pockets that are inset in the two front pockets and the close set, wide belt loops; these features give the jeans a more fashiony feel.

The pant legs taper to the knee, then gently flare at the hem, for a surprisingly flattering fit that makes the thighs look long and lean. Bonus.

These jeans will make you feel hip again....even if your hippy days are long past. (June 07)

Price: $169.95 (available at Backcountry ski and snowboard gear, camping)






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