Sameunderneath Astoria Shorts
Nifty Knee Pants

I've always wanted a nice pair of shorts that I could wear to summer parties...shorts pants that were slim-fitting but not tight, stylish but not "dry clean only," and also important, long enough to cover my thighs. I just wanted something nicer and more feminine than my baggy cotton chino-style shorts. Finally, after years of searching, my new Astoria shorts by Sameunderneath are a perfect fit.

Made out of cotton and bamboo, a super renewable resource, these low-rise, tapered-leg shorts are both classic and hip. I love the textured fabric, which is so soft and drapey, with a corduroy-like appearance (uniquely designed so that the grooves run horizontally instead of vertically). I also like the notches in the short legs and the double belt loops; both elements give the shorts a refined look.

Portland-based Sameunderneath is dedicated to making quality fashion apparel with fiber made from bamboo. The material is naturally antibacterial and does a great job of wicking away moisture, so I stay cool when the party heats up. Nice.

Available in olive, black, smoke, and cocoa (I have the cocoa shorts; they're the yummiest warm brown color.)

Price: $97 (shop at Greenloop)





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