Indigenous Designs V Neck Mock Layer
The Weekend Sweater

I've always loved having a baggy wool sweater to wear on winter weekends. Something warm and comfy that also reminds me to slow down, relax, and decompress from the previous week. The type of sweater you wear with your pajama bottoms when you read the paper and drink a huge mug of tea. Now, thanks to Indigenous Designs, I can have the same comfort all spring long.

The V Neck Mock Layer is a soft, loose-fitting, lightweight knitted sweater that's perfect with jeans or pajama bottoms (but you won't want to keep it to yourself...get outside with this sweater). Made out of 85% organic cotton and 15% organic silk, this yummy sweater feels great and looks even better. The small rolls at the hem and at the ends of the sleeves give the sweater a casual, easy-to-live-in feel. You can't really tell from the picture above, but there's a contrast color (white) knitted underneath the neckline and at the hems to make it look like you're wearing a white t-shirt underneath the sweater.

In the past I always wore a thin t-shirt or tank under cotton sweaters, but this sweater is so luxuriously soft that I never wear an undershirt. I love the relaxed fit, and it's just the right length through the torso and sleeves. I've been wearing this sweater so much that I've neglected all of my old sweaters. Too bad for them.

The V Neck Mock Layer is a perfect spring sweater. Hand-made, organic, fair trade: what's not to love? (May 07)

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