Del Forte Calla Jeans
Superb Style

A good pair of jeans speaks for itself. Unfortunately, too many jeans try too hard, relying on fluffy adornments or bizarre styling to catch your attention. But we know better; it's not about the bling, it's about the fit. And the fabric.

Del Forte's Calla jeans are confident, simple, and straight-forward. They actually remind me of my favorite pair of Levis, and preserve many of the "original" jean's design elements such as pocket rivets and a clean, straight-leg cut. The Calla has left a few subtle marks on this blueprint, contrast stitching on the pocket and two small embroidered logos (one on the waistband, top right, of course) and one on the inside panel of the zippered fly.

I knew the minute I pull my Calla jeans out of the box that these were no ordinary jeans, despite their low-key appearance. The organic denim is soft like velvet. They actually feel creamy to the touch, especially after washing. I love the low-rise cut, but since not everybody does, Del Forte makes these jeans in a medium-rise, too, which is plenty modest for anyone. I also love the long, straight/skinny tapered leg, and the slightly stretchy fit. The longer I wear them, they give more and fit like a glove. I never thought I'd give up my baggy jeans--I'll still keep them for working around the house --but I'm a pretty serious convert at this point. I'm never going back to wearing men's jeans.

I could tell you all the celebrities who wear Del Forte jeans, but that wouldn't matter to you because you appreciate beauty for its own sake.

The Calla jean is available in a variety of washes and colors and two different rises. Del Forte has a variety of low-, medium-, and high-rise jeans in boot cut, straight leg, and other styles. (June 07)

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Del Forte Calla Jeans
The back view.....

Made out of 100% organic cotton.




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