Nau Shroud of Purrin Trench
The Sassiest Shell on the Street

Nau's Shroud of Purrin Trench is my passport to New York, London, Paris, Milan. No longer will I walk the streets of fancy cities feeling like a second class citizen. The Shroud's sleek style will stand up to (I'd even say "set") any fashion standards, wherever I go.

It also stands up to weather, thanks to its soft shell fabric, a unique breathable material made out of recycled plastic and coated to repel water. There's also a wide storm flap hidden underneath the sexy asymmetrical front zip--just for some extra protection. On really cold days (which for me means down to the 30s), I wear a thin merino wool jacket or sweater underneath it and that's all I need to stay warm and dry.

I've never worn a jacket that made me feel so, ... well, I'll say it, "HOT," that was also totally functional. This toptastic trench is my super sensuous stretchy stealthy street secret spy shell. I feel like I can do anything, go anywhere, and win over anybody when I'm wearing my Shroud. The sleeve hem is so elegant, with a gentle curve of material that extends over the back of my hand. On the other side of the sleeve, there's a zipper if I need to cool down. Similarly, the back hem of the trench is slightly rounded and hangs a bit longer than the front of the jacket. The overall effect is a well-fitted jacket with a life and movement of its own.

Sometimes in the city a lady needs to move fast. For example, I might need to run for my for a down a purse snatcher. I can still look good, and my super lightweight Shroud's got me covered with the same technical features I have in my outdoor clothes, like discreet under arm vents and gusseted sleeves that allow me more range of motion than any of my other city coats. Essential.

The Shroud of Purrin Trench is the nicest, most fashionable jacket I've ever worn. I love it so much that I wrote a little "poem" about it just for you:

Styled to hug my curves, it flares where it dares. And everybody stares. It's sleek and serious, marvelous and minxy. I move link a lynx, I lounge without care, when I walk down the street, my look is complete.

How Nau must have felt to create such a pelt, purrfect and poly, caviar black, to know so completely that they have the knack. And recycled at that!

A trench with a twist, no zippers are straight, its collar stands up when the weather ain't great. Fully lined with fuzzy soft warmth, it vents and it wicks. I get my kicks. Grace and élan, no need to plan. I'm proud in my Shroud, always dry on the fly.

Bottom Line: What else can I possibly say? Don't leave the house (or the country) without one. This trench is designed for a slim fit, but runs a bit big. I'm 5'11" and usually wear a L in women's jackets; the Shroud in a M is a perfect fit for me. (E.D. Nov 07)

Price: $324


Nau Shroud of Purrin Trench

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