Ex Officio Irresistible V : Soft & Silky
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Contourwear Zip Off Pant : Fancy Pants

Say I'm in London, I'm wandering around Covent Garden, and it's unusually sunny and warm. All I have to do is zip off ... more


SealLine Urban Backpack : Keep Your Stuff Dry

I'm not a bike messenger, but I still need a totally waterproof bag. I carry important documents, too!...more


Loomstate Organic Jeans: So Many Washes

You'll never wear any other type of jeans again. Read about Loomstate's Flux skinny jeans and Genesis straight-leg jeans...more


Stewart & Brown Organic Apparel: Primo Pima

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Altec Lansing Laptop Speakers : Good to Go

I can use batteries, run them off of my laptop battery (USB cable included), and I can plug in my speakers wherever I go...more


Dansko Calla Shoes : Lotsa Sole

Dansko has transformed the clunky clog into a comfortable, streamlined shoe that actually looks...more



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