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Walking the States (www.walkingthestates.com)

Stuart Hamilton and Dave Toolan are two British guys who have spent most of 2006 walking across the U.S., following the American Discovery Trail. They started in Delaware in June, and have travelled over 1500 miles westward. They'll soon finish stage one of their journey, then spend the winter hiking in Europe before restarting the last stage of the trek in 2007--from Kansas to San Fransico.

Check out their web site to read amusing dail journals, find out what's on their mp3 players, and view travel photos. You'll also find some some longer essays on what it feels like to be a European in America. The trip is also being filmed by two novice filmakers (er, Dave and Stuart) and will be turned into a documentary by the end of 2007. The two walkers will also write a book which should be out in time for the Presidential elections in 2008. There is much to see, and much to discuss in a country like America, and Dave and Stuart are doing it all at three mph. www.walkingthestates.com

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