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Brookstone Travel Tranquil Moments Alarm Clock : Helps You Sleep and Wake Up

Travel can really mess with your sleep cycle, especially when there's jet lag involved. That's why Brookstone invented the Travel Tranquil Moments Alarm Clock. It'll put you to sleep and wake you up.

When you're feeling frazzled and exhausted after a long day of sight seeing, just program the Tranquil Moments Clock to calm you down with the soothing sounds in the Relax category. My personal favorite is Ocean Surf because it actually sounds like an ocean surf. Thunder storm isn't thundery enough for me, but I like Unwind because I can't quite tell what the sound is -- it's just simple and relaxing. I think a lot of people will find Jet Lag relaxing; it wasn't my cup of tea because it reminds me of the birds who sit outside my window at home and wake me up every day!

Brookstone claims that each sound is based on Alpha, Delta, or Theta brainwave frequencies to help you relax so that you can sleep. I don't know how to test for that in my tiny home office since all of my electrodes are in storage, but I do respond to the Sleep sounds. White Noise is perfect for me -- at home I sleep with an air cleaner, so I like the machine-y rhythm sounds. I like Rain, too, but it makes me think that I have to go to the bathroom, so it's not ideal for sleep -- more for just relaxing. Celestial and Summer Night are most effective for me -- just enough realistic and mystic sounds to soothe me. I can program the sounds to play continuously, or to turn off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Cool.

My favorite thing about this clock is the dual time zone display. When I'm abroad, I could care less what time it is back home, but when I'm using the clock at home, I like having the away display set to midwest time. That way when I grab the phone to make a late night call, I can stop myself when I realize that it's REALLY late there. The illuminated display is also handy, and the snooze bar is essential.

Other cool features: there's a headset plug-in so if I have to get up earlier than my partner (as if), I could soothe myself to sleep and wake myself without disturbing him. Then, before I sneak off to my 6am yoga class (as if), I can record a funny personal message to him that will play when the alarm goes off for him two hours later. Also, I get the choice of waking up to an alarm noise (beeping) or one of the Relax or Sleep sounds. If I want to feel right at home, I set the wake up sound to Jet Lag!

Plug it in or run it on 4 AA batteries.

Note: don't lose the instructions five minutes after taking the clock out of the box. It's more time-consuming to try to work all the features by trail and error.

Bottom Line : A handy gadget for travelers with sleep issues--or those who just appreciate having a fancy, multi-purpose alarm clock. --E.D. (August 08)

Price : $99

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