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Keen Sydney II Shoes : Walkin' On Sunshine

At an art gallery opening night recently, I noticed this was not my usual crowd of outdoorsy, card-carrying REI members. Everyone looked artsy, elegant, and uniquely stylish. I felt distinctly unstylish in my soft-shell jacket and khaki pants.   But then I overhead someone saying, "You can tell who the artists are by their shoes, like that woman in the khaki pants." Ha! My Keen Sydney II shoes are not only comfortable, cute, and sporty but apparently, they give me an artsy flair as well.

I'm already a devoted Keen footwear fan for many reasons: They're well-made, fit great, have an outdoorsy (and artsy) style, let my feet breathe, and hold up to the rigors of overseas travel with tons of walking.   Oh yea, they also fit perfectly from day one, with virtually no break-in period (which is invaluable when you're running around right before a big travel adventure trying to find the perfect shoe for your trip).  I just slip my orthotics into my Keens and go.

I like the asymmetrical Mary Jane styling of the Sydney II, which adds a girly touch to these solid walking shoes. They seem to have a chameleon-like quality of dressing up jeans, working well with flowy skirts, and looking just right with capri pants and shorts. From a business meeting (I live in Seattle, after all), to a gallery opening, to a weekend at a mountain lodge, to hanging with friends at a coffee shop, the Sydney II has been the perfect shoe for just about every outing I've been on in the last month.

The Sydney II is available in women's sizes 5 through 11 in midnight navy, black, and brown waterproof nubuck uppers, leather/woven textile lining that wicks moisture, and a non-marking black rubber outsole. Half sizes are available up to size 11.

Bottom Line : I find myself slipping on this workhorse shoe just about every time I head out the door. Now I want several pairs of the Sydney II in different colors.--J.I. (July 08)

Price : $54 at onlineshoes, Click to purchase,

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