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Belkin Mini Surge Protector : No More Worries

Even though I'm not a fan of working in coffee shops (as in, taking my laptop to a coffee shop to write, do research, manage this web site), when I go on vacation (which is never anything more glamorous than staying with friends back in the midwest) it's often a necessity because most of my friends don't have cable!!!

Last summer in Minneapolis I was happy to see that several coffee shops had multi-plug strips in several locations so that people could recharge. They didn't look like they provided surge protection, though. WIth Belkin's Mini Surge Protector, I can power up anywhere I can find a three-pronged outlet. A little green light tells me that the protection is working, and a moveable plug on the back of the strip makes it easy for me to fit my mini strip next to furniture and to share an outlet with another computer or a lamp or other appliance.

The Mini Surge Protector has three outlets, so I can charge my PowerBook and my digital camera at the same time. Even better, the strip has two USB chargers, too, so I can also charge both of my iPods at the same time. So I'm ready for action when I get up in the morning.

Bottom Line: So handy, small enough to be easily to pack, and priceless for piece of mind.--E.D. (July 08)

Price: $24 Click to purchase

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