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Belkin Mouse Trap : No Cheese Necessary

When I travel, I take great care in packing my computer and all of it's cords and accessories.

I have a hard-core protective sleeve, a large multi-pocketed backpack (for long trips), a sleek, slim pack for local outings, and dozens of padded and/or plastic containers for the little extras. Now, I have a better mouse trap, a handy travel pouch for my mouse and a zip stick that doubles as a mouse pad when unzipped. Cool.

Belkin's Mouse Trap is ideal for all those times I'm rushing around at the last minute before a trip or outing and realize I need a quick and simple solution for adding those final few accessories. I just toss them in my trap, zip it up, and go. I love that the handle can be snapped to loops inside my pack so that the trap doesn't fall to the bottom and get crushed. Or, I can snap it onto the outside of the pack if I'm just heading to the library to get some work done.

Bottom Line: It's cute, it comes in three bright color schemes, and it's all about easy access.--E.D. (July 08)

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