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Mion Fast Canyon Water Shoe : Hydro-Adventure Ready

I was unfamiliar with Mion Shoes before I recently found them online. They looked like they would be great for canoeing, so I ordered a pair--the Fast Canyon model.  When I opened the box, I was expecting more of a lightweight slipper-like shoe, but was happy to instead find a pair of full-on shoes that are considerably more substantial than so many of the water sandals I've seen before.

I hauled my canoe down to a put-in spot at a local estuary. The jagged rocky shore was a non-issue in my new Mion shoes. I was easily able to navigate, carrying my canoe over uneven rocks in or out of the water because the sturdy rubber sole has freakishly grippy treads and the toe cap protects my digits from potentially painful stubs.    

Partway through the day I noticed a trail on a small island, so I landed to go for a little hike. My Fast Canyons were a pleasure to hike in. My feet stayed securely planted in the footbed (the 360-degree lacing system is ingenious). The soles both supported and flexed with my foot, and the enclosed upper kept out debris. After my side-trip hike the launch and subsequent landing went without a hitch thanks again to my burly new water shoes.  

Bottom Line :   My Mion Fast Canyon Water Shoes are, as the manufacturer claims, built with the water adventurer in mind.   They have exceeded every expectation I had for them. I only wish I had found them years ago when I was doing a lot of hiking in the canyons of the Southwest.   They would have been prefect for that.--A.S. (May 08)

Price: $130

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