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Royce Sports Bra : All Around Comfort

Thanks to online lingerie retailers such as Figleaves and Bare Necessities, active women of all sizes have a much greater selection of sports bras that they used to. If you're one of those women who can't find your size in U.S. brands, these sites also offer several British and European brands in a variety of sizes.

The Royce Sports bra by Britain-based Royce Lingerie is a great all around sports bra. Although it's made of super lightweight material (a soft 81% cotton/19% poly blend) this wire-free bra is surprisingly supportive and versatile. It achieves a high level of support through its design -- a two-inch wide rib cage band (3 hooks), a combo cup/compression style, and a high neckline.

I wear the bra for my daily power walks, for weight training, and for yoga. Pretty much for everything except running (for that, I only wear the complete immobilizing Enell), although many women up to a D cup will probably find adequate support for running. Available in black and in white, sizes 30D to 38J.

Bottom Line: No fancy high-tech fabrics, no underwires, just a simple soft bra that comes in all sizes.--E.D. (June 08)

Price: $53

Buy Online: Bare Necessities,

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When lifting weights, always remember to protect your back by activating your abdominal muscles before performing each exercise.

Source: The Little Strength Training Book