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Merrell Jet Jacket : Fun & Functional

I admit it--I'm a jacket junkie. I've amassed quite a collection of outdoorsy jackets, parkas, soft shells, and rain shells over the years. But there always seems to be a gap in my closet for just the right jacket for something specific. A few months ago I decided I need a stylish, lightweight jacket that I could wear in town or on the trail when it's cool but not cold.   And then I got my Merrell Jet jacket. Another gap closed.

This lightweight jacket is exactly what I was hoping for. First of all, It's cute. I love the geometric/floral fabric that lines the inner collar cuff and the fitted shape of this jacket. I wear it around Seattle and feel like a twenty-something hipster (and I'm a more than a bit beyond that in years).

The Jet Jacket is also functional. We've had our usual warm-then-cold-then-warm-then-cold weather this spring, and on the days the temps hover around 50 degrees, my Jet Jacket is ideal over a long-sleeved shirt or lightweight fleece top.

The wind-resistant outer fabric, combined with the inner mesh layer, keeps me protected and warm on those slightly breezy, cool days. The hoodless, stand-up collar snaps shut around my throat to keep out the wind and gives this jacket a contemporary flair. I've worn it with jeans as well as with a skirt to work.

Bottom Line : The Jet jacket is a good all-around lightweight piece for cool spring days and cool early summer nights. It's my new shoulder season jacket of choice.--J.I. (June 08)

Price : $70.00

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