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Bendon Max Out Sports Bra : Cross Over to Comfort

Although the bra pictured here is white, I tested a black one. I only point that out here because some women might see the photo and assume this bra only comes in white. It doesn't. It comes in black, gumdrop green, sunkist coral, and white.

So, what I like about this bra: First, it's available in my size:, 32FF. In other English-speaking countries, such as England and New Zealand, home of Bendon bras, bramakers understand that women with small ribcages sometimes actually have breasts. Large breasts that need support during sports.

Second, I can adjust the straps on this three-hook, underwire bra and wear it as a conventional bra or as a cross-back bra (finally, I have a cross-back bra for my T-back workout tops). Having said that, it's a bit of a wrestling match getting into the Max Out when I'm in cross-back mode. I had to have a friend adjust the tightness of the straps after I got into it.

As for function, I had a mixed experience. The cups fit well, the bra provided excellent lateral support, and the material felt good against my skin and seemed to do a good job of wicking. I like the mesh boarder across the top of the cups. (I can wear it severeal times before a sniff test lets me know it's time to wash it.)

However, I wouldn't classify this as a high-impact bra, but more of a medium-impact bra. During several power walks, I felt like I was experiencing a bit too much bounce. So, I wouldn't wear it for running, although in smaller cup sizes it would probably work just fine for more high impact activities. Many women in larger cup sizes also might find the support adequate for running. (I should qualify my assessment by saying that I'm a no-bounce kind of gal -- so my ideal running bra allows zero movement--it's a real masher downer--which some women don't like.)

Still, I wear it for yoga and weight training and as an everyday bra. It's just so nice to have a sports bra that fits!

Sizes: 32-40, B-G cups (I think this bra runs a bit big in the band size -- I wear it on the second tightest hooks)

Fabrics: 60 % polyester, 22% polyamide, 18% elastane (fabric percentage varies between different parts of bra)

Bottom LIne: I'm eager to try the next, tougher version, the Extreme Out.--E.D. (August 08)

Price: $55 click here to shop/purchase

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