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SkirtSportsCycling Jersey : So Cool

This is the first piece of clothing I grab when prepping my bag for a workout.   Stylish and functional, I feel like a champ every time I wear this jersey.  

The silhouette is a perfect hybrid of feminine and sporty.   My tri buddy complimented me on it during our last brick workout. It's sleeveless yet not too fashionably overboard with severely cut-in shoulders that I see in so many cycling tops today.   While it appeals to my feminine side, the fashion doesn't take away from the purpose of the garment--which is to help me kick butt when I'm exercising!

Functionally, it's just what I need when cycling a century or participating in a triathlon.   First off, the jersey is lightweight which makes all the difference in the world when additional weight could add more time during a race.

The COOLair fabric - 50% Coolmax, 50% Polyester - wicks away any moisture allowing me to stay dry and warm.   I recently wore the jersey for a triathlon and put it on right after my swim.   Within minutes, before I got going on my bike, I was dry. It was perfect! Additionally, the back pocket placement is just right on the lower back. I can reach it easily. The three compartments allow me to easily find what I'm carrying during a race, compared to one large pocket where everything I put in it gets jumbled around.   A last note, the elastic waistband keeps the jersey fit and snug around my waist during my competitions.

Bottom Line :   All in all, wearing this jersey gets me in competition mode every time I go for a workout.--H.H. (Sept 08)

Price: $55

Buy Online: at manufacturer's site or check

Manufacturer's Site: www.skirtsports.com

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