Fetch is fine after work, but on the weekend, your best friend likes to get outside and explore, too. With the right gear, you can all enjoy your outdoor adventures. Here's what our hard-playing dogs and their humans have to say about the latest dog gear... (Probably only fair to tell you that this sweet pooch isn't one of our test dogs, but until they send us their head shots, we'll just have to create the mood with a stand-in.)

Ruff Wear
Mount Bachelor Pad

I feel so sorry for my human buddies who have to sleep on that stinky mattress they call a bed. If they had a Mount Bachelor Pad like me, they'd probably sleep better. My   super comfy bed goes just about everywhere I go: in the car, on camping trips, and back to the corner of the living room at home. And then, when I get it really dirty, it goes in the washing machine. I know that my owner's mattress hasn't ever been in the washing machine. (Poor guy is drowning in dust mites.)

Why do I like my Mount Bachelor Pad? It's pretty soft. I'd rather sleep on the Mount Bachelor's fleece top than on one of those rough, so-called dog beds they sell at the pet store. I also like the fact that the bed can be reduced into a little tiny roll that's held secure by a couple of Velcro tabs. The small size actually encourages my owners to bring my bed along on trips. I've never seen them roll up their mattress and bring it along.

Then there's that cushy insulating layer, which is a lot nicer than a wooden floor. I guess my humans sleep on a thicker mattress, but it's overkill.

Finally, there's a vinyl backing on the pad so it keeps moisture from getting from one side to the other. I can sleep in wet grass and still be dry. Or I can be sopping wet and I can sit on it and keep the passenger seat dry (sometimes my humans are so fussy).  

Bottom Line :  Packable dog bed that keeps me dry and comfy. My umans like that it keeps my hair off of the car seats.  (Toots , Oct '08) 

Price : $38 to $60

Manufacturer's Site:  http://www.ruffwear.com

Buy Online:   http://www.rei.com



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