Fetch isfine after work, but on the weekend, your best friend likes to get outside and explore, too. With the right gear, you can all enjoy your outdoor adventures. Here's what our test dogs and their humans have to say about the latest dog gear... (Probably only fair to tell you that this sweet pooch isn't one of our test dogs, but until they send us their head shots, we'll just have to create the mood with a stand-in.)

Ruff Wear
Go Between Cinch Strap Pet Bowl

A dog travel bowl. How much innovation can there really be here?

I've used a simple one for the last five years. A plastic lined Cordura affair. It was a bowl. It worked for water or food. It was a little flimsy, but it was fine.

Then I tried out this Ruff Wear Cincher.

First, it stands up. It's not flimsy. My dog Red doesn't moosh down the side of it as she's sticking her snout in. It'll roll up for packing if you want, but it stands up very well on its own.

Second, it has an inner lining that cinches shut by pulling on two cords. So I can put in a meal's worth of food, pull the drawstrings, and it's self contained. It's got spring clips on the cords, so it stays shut in my pack.

Third, the rim of that inner lining works to keep the bowl from spilling. So I can put some water in the bowl in the back with Red for a long drive, and know I'm not going to find soggy carpeting in the back of the 4Runner.

So to answer my own question: there can be a lot of innovation. The Ruff Wear Cincher bowl works like a charm.

Price: $17.95

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