Fetch is fine after work, but on the weekend, your best friend likes to get outside and explore, too. With the right gear, you can all enjoy your outdoor adventures. Here's what our hard-playing dogs and their humans have to say about the latest dog gear... (Probably only fair to tell you that this sweet pooch isn't one of our test dogs, but until they send us their head shots, we'll just have to create the mood with a stand-in.)

Ruff Wear
Bark and Boot Grip Tex Booties

Okay, okay, I have a potentially embarrassing admission. Here goes: I love my new booties. I know. I'm a dog. And I have booties.

About a month ago, the delivery guy arrived with a box. A few minutes later, my people wedged my feet into these red booties. Then they put me in front of a mirror.

What. A. Dork.

But over the last month I've grown to love them. Sure, the booties took some getting used to, but I can go further and faster than ever now. Here in Estes Park, CO, our trails are a far cry from the soft beach sand of California; they're littered with rocks and boulders, all of which are covered in sharp crystals that tend to slice up my pads when I hit them at full stride. There's also a ton of little cactus plants, which tend to leave their spines in or in between my pads. I remember a year ago when I went on an all-day hike and ran so much that my paws bled. My people actually had to wrap my paws with climbing tape so I could walk home.  

That, of course, will never happen again thanks to my Bark'n Boot Grip Tex booties by Ruff Wear. Yes, they were weird at first, but then I realized how awesome they are. Their soles are super grippy, so I can scramble up and over boulders, while the top part is made of mesh so my paws breathe. I was worried that the booties would fall off, but they are pretty secure. Once my paws are inside, a Velcro strap cinches tight and holds everything in place.  

And then there are those things my people keep mentioning, like the reflective trim that makes me visible at night when we're walking home after sunset.  

Bottom Line :  Heavy duty, paw-protecting booties that let me be a lean, mean, runnin' machine. Toots, Nov 08

Price : $60

Buy Online:   http://www.rei.com

Manufacturer's Site:  http://www.ruffwear.com

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