Fetch is fine after work, but on the weekend, your best friend likes to get outside and explore, too. With the right gear, you can all enjoy your outdoor adventures. Here's what our hard-playing dogs and their humans have to say about the latest dog gear... (Probably only fair to tell you that this sweet pooch isn't one of our test dogs, but until they send us their head shots, we'll just have to create the mood with a stand-in.)

Tilden Collar

Red accessorizes with collars. She doesn't know this, of course, but I can anthropomorphize my dog's life so completely at times, I'm rather sure she's walking taller and prouder with certain collars on.

My dog, however, is no princess. The façade of sweet lady-like behavior is shattered on a routine basis, usually near water or mud. She goes in with such abandon and glee, it makes me envious. And it makes her, well, wet and muddy. Whichever collar she's wearing will inevitably be coming off to be washed and set aside for a day or two to dry out.

The Tilden collar is unique in Red's collection. It's made of something called Bio Thane. (Like Velveeta - I don't know what it is, but I know I love it.) This material looks like a brightly colored matte leather, but it's a soft plastic - almost rubber. The beauty is, it looks great on her, and when she gets it filthy I can wipe it off and we're good to go.

The collar has good sizing hardware that doesn't slip. Instead of a buckle for getting it on and off, the Tilden uses the type of fasteners used on backpack belt. It snaps on and off easily, which I like, because hey - accessorizing shouldn't be a chore, it should be a pleasure.

C.H, Nov '07

Price: $18

Buy Online: 88x31 REI Logo, Sierra Trading Post

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