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Zia Ultimate Hand Moisture SPF 15 : Save Your Skin

For some reason, I always remember to cover my arms with long-sleeved shirts when I'm going to be in the sun, but I forget to protect my hands.

I'm glad I recently discovered Zia's Ultimate Hand Moisture with SPF 15. After using this non-greasy lotion, I swear that the skin on my hands looks and feels younger.

As a kayaker, I've been abusing my hands for years. Salt water is corrosive and harsh on skin (and on everything else, too), so a few days ago when I was out sea kayaking all day on Puget Sound I slathered on this lotion. It was too warm to wear protective gloves, so my hands were exposed and in and out of the water for almost seven hours.   Amazingly, my hands still felt soft and smooth afterwards and didn't get sunburned (unlike my arms, on which I wore a different, less effective sunscreen with the same SPF factor).

I'm also a swimmer, so it's nice to have a moisturizer I can use to keep my skin soft after spending time in the chlorinated water.

Bonus -- I like that Zia uses natural ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter, and sea algae in this vitamin-enriched lotion. It goes on smooth, and has a light, subtle, chemical-free scent, too.

Bottom LIne: If you're looking for a more natural solution to sun protection and skin care, join the Zia fan club.--J.I. (August 07)

Price: $9.95

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