Water Girl Track Star Pants : Organic Cotton, Sporty Design
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Water Girl Gobi Jacket & Track Star Pants : Organic Cotton, Sporty Design

Finally, a fitness apparel company that understands the needs of active women. We don’t want high-waisted workout clothes; we want a lower (but still modest) cut that sits on the hips. And we want pant legs that are long enough!

I’m all over my new Track Star pants (pictured above) because they’re made out of soft organic cotton, with just enough Spandex in the mix to give them shape and a snug-but-not-tight fit. I love that they sit at my hips, and have a wide (a full 2”) flat waistband, so I can have freedom of movement without feeling a bunch of material across my belly (or worse, have to deal with a thin little waistband that curls up).

I also love the bold, bright colors Water Girl uses to give these pants (and the matching Gobi Jacket) a fun, sporty look. The jacket has two hidden zippered pockets on either side of the jacket for essentials like keys and cash. When fully zipped, the mock turtleneck collar hugs my neck for warmth. I have to admit, after a lifetime of wearing baggy, heavy sweats, I feel darn cute wearing these stylish clothes. And sometimes it’s not enough to feel good; you have to look good, too.

Since I’m not one to wear matching tops and bottoms, I like to wear the pants for power walks, yoga, weight lifting, and just lounging around the house. The top is ideal for cool fall days over a t-shirt, as a cover up after my yoga routine, or as a mid layer under a fleece jacket or rain shell. It also looks great with jeans.

Bottom LIne: Get rid of your drab old sweats, and get this nice, thin, fun track suit-inspired workout wear. Available in four colors. --E.D. (Nov. '05)

Price: $42, pants; $58, jacket

Manufacturer's Site: www.patagonia.com


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