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Vapur Element Water Bottle

I've used other collapsible water bladders before for base camp water storage and in a hydration backpack, but they've all been kind of large. My Vapur Element bottle is the size of a normal water bottle, and its smaller size makes it easy to bring anywhere.

It's quite handy for a variety of outings when I want to pack light but still have something to drink out of at my destination. The Vapur Element bottle packs small, so I stash it in my shopping bag when I go to the farmer's market. Inevitably, I end up buying a little lunch and eating in the shade under a big tree. It's nice to have the bottle so I can just fill it with water at a fountain, then pack it up again when I'm ready to head home.

Most often, I use my Vapur Element Bottle on bike commuting and on long rides around Portland, OR. I can count on frequent water refilling locations in the city at parks, but for longer rides that extend into the suburbs it's nice to have an extra bottle in my handlebar bag. So far I'm impressed at the durability of the Vapur Element Bottle. I've been cramming it into a pretty full bag, and so far it hasn't leaked.

The lid screws on securely, and the flip top has a nice tight fit with a rubber stopper. The Vapur Element Bottle comes .7 L and 1 L sizes, and in several colors/designs. (Click here to read what another FTG tester says about the Vapur Element bottle.)

Bottom Line: The Vapur Element Bottle has proven to be a great solution when I want a bottle that can disappear when I don't need it. —A.S. (May ‘12)

BUY ONLINE : $10-$14 for single bottles, $16-$36 for multi-bottle packs. Shop! HOME PAGE Link.

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