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Tyr X-Sight Goggles : Full, Fog-Free View

Swimming is one of my favorite activities, especially during the hot summer months. For a fuss-free workout, good goggles are essential.

I have a small head, so I normally buy youth goggles to get a good fit. However, TYR's X-Sight performance goggles have turned out to be the ideal goggles for me. With a flexible nose band and large foam padded gaskets, they form a perfect seal around my eyes. I like that I can get a leak-free fit that's snug but not tight. I also appreciate the anti-fog lenses that stay clear for the duration of my workouts. For outdoor swimming I'm covered, too, by TYR's UV protection.

The universal fit X-Sights were clearly made with serious swimmers in mind. The full-size lenses are designed to provide a full--panoramic, if you will--view so I can easily see what's going on in the lanes on either side of me.

Bottom LIne: These goggles have become my favorites. (E.D. July '05)

Price: $15

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