Speedo Endurance Jammer : Coverage and Comfort
I’ve prematurely retired my share of nylon swimsuits. They give in with alarming ease to the abuses of chlorine...more...

Tyr T-72 Goggles : A Woman's Fit

What a pleasure to wear a goggle specifically designed for a smaller woman’s face AND to be able to see clearly, too. I’ve been pulling these goggles in and out of my tote back several times a week for a while now. Usually the anti-fog feature seems like just a marketing ploy, but these goggles have stayed clear during each successive lap swimming session. The leak proof, hypoallergenic silicone seal around my eyes is especially important because I swim while wearing my gas permeable contact lenses. No leaking or fogging!

I also like seeing the world through rose-colored lenses (mine are pink, although these goggles come in several different shades). On top of that, they provide ultra violet ray sun protection. Now that our outdoor city pools here in Seattle have opened for the summer, this is an especially valuable feature. I don’t have to squint during my lunch hour swims.

Bottom LIne: A great goggle for those of us with smaller heads, with exactly what I want in a goggle—comfort, clear vision, and good eye protection.--J.I. (June '05)

Price: $9.50

Manufacturer's Site: www.tyr.com

BUY ONLINE : , Paragon Sports, The Finest Sports Specialty Store

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