Nau Cleanline Jacket : For men and women
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Tyr CrossBlade Training Fins : Kickin' It in Master's Class

While I have used several brands of swim fins, I've never found a fin whose workout challenge kicked in as fast as it did when I tried Try's CrossBlade Training fins for the first time.

Halfway through my second lap, I could feel my hips starting to burn.   These fins are intermediate in length, so they work well for honing my technique, recreating race pace, increasing my power by adding resistance, and helping me to cover more laps faster. My CrossBlade Training fins made a series of repeated sets of kicking during a masters' swim workout much less dreary.

Here's a nice bonus that comes with these fins: If you haven't trained with fins before (or if you're looking for a little inspiration), TYR provides a list of several stroke-specific drills to get you started.

TYR recommends that women order fins one to two sizes down since the fins are unisex and based on men's sizes. I have size 9 feet, and, on first use, I found that the soft rubber "shoe" of the small size (sizes 5-7) was just a little too tight; during my next swim session, the fins felt fine. A woman with a wider foot might want to just drop one size, not two.

Available in a variety of colors for men, women, and youth.

Bottom Line: Even though I'm not bound for Beijing (or even for local masters' competitions), I still found that my new gear made my time in the water more comfortable--and feeling happy in the pool is golden.-- C. W. (Jan '07)

Price : $28

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