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Tyr Nuzzles Thong Sandals : A Treat for My Feet

After wearing the Nuzzles Thong flip flops poolside, I’m spoiled. What a great contrast to my usual cheap rubber thongs! The cushioned foot bed is soft on my bare feet. Because I always wear orthotics in the heel of any shoe I wear, I especially like that the heel of these thongs is slightly raised, which eases any strain on my often tender Achilles tendons and heels. 

I wear these thongs from the minute I take off my shoes, through the shower, poolside, and back. The tile floors of some older pool showers can get a little slippery, so I also like the good grip and traction I get from the soles.

Bottom Line: An excellent (and safer) alternative to flip flops for locker rooms and poolside wear. Available in three colors.--J.I. (April '06)

Price: $25

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