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Tyr Big Mesh Mummy Bag : Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I’m an ex-park ranger and old habits die hard. I insist on carrying enough stuff to be prepared for every eventuality.

New England weather is unpredictable, so I pack the rain gear regardless of the forecast. What if we’re delayed and it gets dark? So, I throw in the headlamp. And you never know when you might be the first on the scene of a hiking accident, multi-car pile-up, or other scene of carnage, so of course the first aid kit goes in the bag.

TYR’s Big Mesh Mummy bag is not just big, it’s huge! I started out using this bag for my copious swim gear. I used to haul around a five-foot foam noodle for my pool workouts; whenever I’d turn around I’d whap people with it like something out of a Three Stooges act. Now I just tuck it into my TYR bag, and the gym is once again safe for unarmed swimmers.

I love the bag so much that now it comes with me on all my excursions to town, beach, gym, and office. After toting wet swim gear, it dries in a flash. Despite its size, it's feather-light and easy to carry. The straps are equipped with cord locks so I can adjust the length and wear the bag across one shoulder or over both, like a backpack. One of my favorite features is an outer pouch with a barrel locked cinch closure. It’s perfect for carrying a water bottle, sunglasses, cell phone, or small items like my keys. There’s a larger zippered pocket, too, which easily holds all my after-swim toiletries. The bag is incredibly durable, too. I’ve even used it to haul about 30 pounds of recycled paper.

Bottom LIne: This bag does it all. Perfect for swim or beach gear, or use it as a diaper bag, shopping bag…you name it!--NW (August '05)

Price: $19.00

Manufacturer's Site:

BUY ONLINE : Paragon Sports, The Finest Sports Specialty Store

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