Nau Cleanline Jacket : For men and women
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Tyr Crossback Suit : Fits Swimmingly

I've never loved bathing suits (who does?). When I pulled TYR's new Crossback one-piece performance suit out of its box, I saw the slender little crisscrossing straps and thought: "Oh, Brother.  I have enough trouble putting on a bra, how am I supposed to figure this out?"

But the suit was surprisingly easy to slip on.   The narrow straps sleekly cinch down the suit as it hugs my torso.   It feels like a classic, serviceable suit for serious lap swimming, but when I catch a glimpse from behind, the brightly colored straps make it feel a little more fun than my old, faded suit.  

It's a good fit, and requires no tugging, pulling, or adjusting on the long walk from locker room to pool, pool to hot tub, and back to the locker room. Another bonus: it's lined, so no need to use a kick board as a shield.  

My suit runs true to size. Competitive swimmers might want to go down a size. The suit comes in sold colors, and for those looking for a little variety, cammo and pirate prints. There's also a bikini version of the crossback.

Bottom Line: Made with 12 percent Elyria (the rest is polyester), this suit is durable, low drag, and great for serious competitors or fitness swimmers who grind out their laps in the pool day after day like me. -- C. W. (Jan '07)

Price : $60-64 (solid colors), $66-70 (cammo print), $70 (bikini) (all options on sale for around $45 on Amazon, click on "sale" link below.)

BUY ONLINE : Swim Outlet, Paragon Sports, The Finest Sports Specialty Store, , Sale on Tyr Suits

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