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With A Twist Olive Town Jacket : An "Every Day" Indulgence

I first wore the Olive Town Jacket paired with jeans to a professional happy hour, and I'm glad I did. The sweater made me feel sophisticated and hip, and the fit was as comfortable as my favorite hoody.

I like the sweater's understated lines and attractive leaf pattern. The Olive Town Jacket has the polish of a blazer without the stuffiness. That's perfect for me.

The tall, folded collar settles around my neck like the coziest of scarves, keeping me toasty. The Olive's 100% wool feels unbelievably soft against my skin, even the sensitive areas on my neck and chest. Perhaps best of all, the sleeves are long enough for my gangly arms, so my wrists don't poke out awkwardly like they do in some of my cardigans.

People compliment me on the Olive Town Jacket whenever I wear it, and even my usually fashion-indifferent husband made appreciative noises the first time he saw it. I've been wearing the Olive Town Jacket to birthday parties, dinners out with friends, and industry meetings--it fits practically any dress code.

I tested the Olive Town Jacket in denim/silver; it is also available in black/charcoal and in espresso/olive.

Bottom Line:The sweater has become the go-to piece I reach for when I want to look put-together and stylish. -C.R., Dec. '10

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