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Tsubo Semel Sandal

I've been a fan of Tsubo's shoes for years. They're fashionable, they're well-made, and they're versatile. The Semel women's sandal is one of my top picks from their 2011 footwear collection.

One of the reasons I love Tsubo is because they make a variety of styles, from casual and sporty to casual and urban to dressy heels. I have big wide feet so I have an impossible time finding stylish sandals to wear with dresses and skirts. I'm also six-feet tall, so I like flat sandals. Still, I refuse to wear clunky "comfort" shoes -- they're way too granola for an evening out. The Semel sandal is perfect for me. It accommodates my big wide foot and it looks elegant, too.

The Semel sandal flat and comfortable but not boring. I love the design: the leather upper covers the top of my foot, narrowing in width as it wraps around the outside of my foot. There's a small wraparound strap for my big toe that keeps my foot in place when walking. The black leather is decorated with a series of holes filled with sliver and black grommets. I get the ease of a slip on sandal with a decidedly sophisticated look. I've worn the Semel sandals with a party dress for special dinners and with more casual attire for picnics and cookouts this summer.

The inside of the Semel sandal is lined with a perforated sliver-colored leather that breathes well and provides a cool contrast with the black uppers. There's dense padding underneath the lining, which is surprisingly supportive. The rubber sole is nice and rigid, with large oval cushions that provide traction on slippery floors.

Many people mistakenly think that a shoe that feels cushy and flexible will be comfortable. They're wrong. You need adequate support and a firm sole between your feet and the pavement if you're going to be on your feet for any length of time. I normally can't wear thin-soled shoes because they're too flimsy. I love that the Semel provides a stable, functional sole while maintaining is sleek look.

Available in women’s sizes 5-11, in black or brown. (I'm a D-EE width, and found the Semel sandal to be as wide as I needed!)

Bottom Line: You don't to sacrifice fashion for comfort! The Semel sandal is perfect for all-around summer wear.--E.D. (July 2011)

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