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Tsubo Ottar Sandal

Not everyone can wear heels, so Tsubo's Ottar sandal is the perfect option for gals like me who want our feet to look as pretty as our party dresses but prefer stable footing when we're out on the town.

With the Ottar sandal, Tsubo has combined the simplicity of the flip flip with the daring of mythological winged footwear to create a sophisticated sandal that's easy on my feet and still super stylish. The sole is densely padded, and topped with silver leather that provides a sparkle of contrast to the black upper and is perforated for breathability. The outer sole is nice and rigid, with large rubber ovals that provide traction.

I normally don't wear thin-soled shoes because my feet get sore quite easily, but the Ottar's sole is so stable that it's comfortable for the long haul. I feel like I have plenty of support between my feet and the ground. That means I keep my shoes on all night, unlike the other ladies who are on the dance floor barefoot because their heels hurt their feet!.

It's so nice to finally find a pair of sandals I can wear with dressier skirts and dresses and actually walk in (and dance in), too. I'm a size 11 and have quite wide feet (D to EE), and found a great fit in the Ottar. The sole is generous in width, but doesn't seem like it would be overly wide for medium width feet. The Ottar is one of the few women's sandals I've found that completely supports my feet. Usually, the edge of my foot and my little toe are hanging off the edge of the sole!

I love the wrap-around leather upper, which fans out into ringed wings and closes around the top of my ankle with a Velcro-like tab hidden under the back strap.

Available in olive, black, and brown, sizes 5-11.

Bottom Line: Thank you, Tsubo for designing a fancy sandal that's fun, fashionable, and fits well!.--E.D. (July 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $110, on sale for less at Endless.

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