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Tom Bihn Brain Cell Laptop Sleeve/Case

At this point, my new computer is worth more than my old car, so I'm a bit paranoid about transporting it. That's why my laptop sleeve of choice is Tom Bihn's Brain Cell.

The Brain Cell is really more of a case than a sleeve because it's made out of dense, shock-absorbing foam that's surrounded by a rigid, corrugated plastic shell. This heavy-duty rectangular sleeve provides all-side protection, and even better, has a suspension system that holds my laptop in place and gives it room to move if the worst happens (and I drop it).

All I have to do is slip in my MacBook Pro and seal the top of the case with the Aplix® strips (it's just like Velcro), which stay stuck together very, very well. The Brain Cell is designed to be used in a Tom Bihn computer pack or bag; it attaches to the inside of the bag with clips that hold the sleeve suspended a few inches above the bottom of the bag. Cool. Of course, I can use the Vertical Brain Cell in other bags and packs, too.

I can also use the Brian Cell by itself because it has nylon tote-style handles, as well as rings for a shoulder strap. The Brain Cell also has a flat pocket across the front that's ideal for a few sheets of paper, a boarding pass, or a small, thin notebook. There's also a smell cell phone pocket that folds flat when not in use.

I love my Vertical Brain Cell. It's so durable; it gives me piece of mind when I'm shoving my pack into overhead bins, bumping my way through crowded subways, and cramming my pack into my trunk for road trips.

The Brain Cell is available in both vertical and horizontal styles (i.e., the sleeve opens at the top or at the side), and in a variety of colors and sizes to fit many different laptops (Mac and PC!).

Bottom Line: Short of carrying one of those hard-core photography cases, the Brain Cell is a much lighter weight, affordable option for cautious folks like me.-E.D. (August 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $60.00, click to shop.


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