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Tom Bihn Cache for Laptops, Netbooks, and iPads

When I'm traveling, I always use my Tom Bihn Brain Cell Sleeve, a heavy-duty protective case that snaps into my Tom Bihn backpack. But when my travels just take me across town, I use another excellent Tom Bihn sleeve, the Cache.

The Cache is one of my favorite sleeves because is incredibly simple, it fits my MacBook Pro perfectly, and it's made out of soft, thick padding that feels just a bit more substantial than most of the other sleeves I have.

It's ideal for short outings because I get the protection I need in a slimmer profile, so I can carry a smaller messenger bag or pack, like my Tom Bihn Synapse pack, one of my all-time favorite compact backpacks.

The Cache doesn't have any snaps, zippers, or Velcro, just a flap across the top, like a giant padded envelope. All I do is slip in my laptop, tuck in the flap, and go. The weight of the computer keeps the flap closed. Because there are no fasteners, there's no chance of scratching my laptop. Lovely.

I like how the bottom of the Cache has a thin panel to accommodate the width of my laptop. Same with the top flap. Everything fits together wonderfully.

The Cache comes in both vertical and horizontal styles (i.e., you can have a top- or side-flap opening), and it's available in 10 sizes to fit various laptops netbooks, and the iPad. How's that for customer service?

Bottom Line: A dense sleeve that's easy to use, provides a decent amount of padding, and allows me to pack my laptop in a smaller bag.-E.D. (August 2011)

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