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Thule MacBook Sleeve (13" and 15")

I’m very protective of my MacBook Pro, so I’m always happy to find ways to keep her safe and scratch-free.  Thule’s MacBook Sleeve is a versatile, attractive case that gives me piece of mind and adds functionality to my computer packs and bags.

The clam-shell style MacBook Sleeve is made out of a semi-rigid material that’s textured with indented diagonal strips along the top and bottom.  This design separates my computer from the case a bit, adding a layer of protection.  I’m used to using padded sleeves, but I really like the concept behind this sleeve.  I also appreciate the water-resistant zipper!  Every little bit helps. 

Inside the case there are ridges of stiff material underneath the zipper (on top and bottom) so that my computer stays in place and doesn’t rub against the zipper.  Thoughtful!  As its name implies, the MacBook Sleeve was designed for Apple’s line of MacBooks, so I get a perfect fit.  There’s also an inch-wide elastic band on the bottom of the case that I can place over my MacBook for a little bit of extra security.  The case is designed so that I can use my computer while it's still in the sleeve if I want to.  That comes in handy when I’m traveling and don’t want to set my MacBook down on a dirty table.

Finally, I like the look of the MacBook Sleeve.  It’s sleek, it’s black, it looks rugged.  Because it’s so thin, it’s easy to use, even in my thinnest computer packs.  Some of my bags have built-in padded sleeves that are a bit big for my 13” MacBook, so when I use my Thule MacBook Sleeve I get a snug fit and an extra layer of protection.

Available for 13” and 15” MacBooks ($49.95) and for Kindle ($39.95).

Bottom Line: A sleek protective sleeve with a unique look!.--E.D. (July '11)

BUY ONLINE: $49.95, on sale for less at Sears. Click for 15" case. Click for Apple store.


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