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Teva Fuse-ion Shoes (For Men & Women)

I clean boats for a living, and I also spend most of my free time on boats, so I need shoes with good traction that won't leave scuff marks. I also want those shoes to be cute. Teva's Fuse-ion Shoes fit me to a T.

Teva's Fuse-ion shoes have been a welcome surprise this spring. They offer an impressive amount of traction on wet surfaces, their wide laces are easy to work with even when my hands are wet, and the fabric has mesh areas in the upper so they drain and air out well.

I'm picky about water shoes because traction is critical on a boat. There are so many opportunities to stub my toe on a cleat, get a sliver from the dock, or slip and fall. Also, I can't wear shoes that might leave marks on a customer's gel coat, so it's been really nice to have Teva's Fuse-ion shoe. I get the performance I need as well as a sweet sneaker-like shoe that looks cute with jeans. These shoes are stylish enough that I've worn them out for a casual dinner after work.

I'm still a bit surprised that such a fun shoe works so well for so many water activities. There's nothing I'd rather wear on a boat or around the docks. Because this shoe is designed for wet surfaces, it's not for walking or hiking. Once I"m off the boat, I change into running shoes if I'm going to walk any distance or go exercise.

Teva used a few different technologies to make these shoes so great for water activities. They also tested them on greasy metal boat ramps, wet rocks, non-skid areas, and other surfaces a boater might encounter to make sure that the soles were as grippy as possible. I'll admit, I've never worn a pair of shoes that stuck to slippery surfaces as well as these. That gives me a ton of confidence when I'm around wet docks and boats.

Available for women in Black, Red, and Grey Morn, sizes 5-11. Also available in a men's style, in Black, Duck Green, and Bungee Cord (7-14). They offer full and half sizes, and I found them to fit very true to size.

Bottom Line: I've been very impressed with Teva's Fuse-ion shoes; they're my first choice for water activities now.--N.S. (March 2011)

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