Sugoi Balaclava : A Winter Biking Essential
Our tester cycles all year 'round in Minnesota. Read what he has to say about Sugoi gear (more... )

Sugoi SubZero Skull Cap : Helmet Friendly, Super Warm

When they stitched together the Sugoi SubZero Skull Cap, it’s evident that the challenges of fitting a hat beneath a bike helmet were well understood. With a cut that adheres to the contours of my head without bunching up and seams that are wide and flat enough to be unnoticeable, the SubZero Skull Cap provides ample protection from the elements while providing a comfortable fit beneath my helmet.

Perfect with a partner

In fact, when the thermometer is really dropping down, the SubZero Skull Cap nicely accommodates the Sugoi MidZero Balaclava underneath for impressive, layered warmth and important facial protection against the daunting windchills I'm often faced with during my daily cycling commute. (Did I mention I live in Minnesota?)

Suitable for any outdoor sport

While particularly adept as a bike hat, the SubZero Skull Cap is a good choice for any active sport. Streamlined and warm, with ear flaps, I use the Skull Cap for cross country skiing and running, especially when it's very cold. As I mentioned above, the SubZero Skull Cap and MidZero Balaclava make perfect partners when the elements are their most aggressive.

Bottom LIne:  Great cold weather bike cap, smartly designed to be worn comfortably beneath a helmet. As the name suggests, will do the job even when the mercury goes minus. Meant for biking, but a good choice for any active sport.-- D.C. (Feb 06)

Price: $20

Manufacturer's Site:


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