Adidas Response Wind Pant : For Runners
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Sugoi Invertor Jacket : Built with Serious Cyclists in Mind

The Sugoi Invertor Jacket is truly a first-rate, bike-specific jacket—probably the best I’ve ever worn. Those at Sugoi who designed the Invertor obviously understand what biking in the cold and wet entails and demands.

Ready for extremes

First, the Invertor is warm—a fact accomplished by a wind- and rain-stopping shell and breathable liner. The exterior—an attractive shade of blue with black and grey accents—has a rubbery, wetsuit-like feel, though it only took one ride for me to see that while the jacket keeps the elements out, it certainly let moisture I generated escape. Helping to keep out the elements was a coated front zipper that creates a remarkably tight, water-proof seal. I’ve used the Invertor with success in biking temps well below freezing, and it’s been great at keeping out rainy chill.

Fit for speed

Equally important, the Invertor fits like a glove. The fabric stretches in all directions, keeping me comfortable in any bike position, no matter how aggressive. Most impressive are the cut and fit of the collar and sleeves. Both hug my body, refusing to catch air at high speeds, though not constraining my movement or breathing in the least. The collar is purposefully extended so that it sits up just below my chin and covers the entirety of the back of my neck, providing excellent, sealed protection where most bike jackets fail. When I’m wearing the Invertor I feel like a rubber bullet. The high performance fit, while ideal for the bike, translates nicely to any vigorous activity. I’ve used it for cold weather skiing and running, and it accommodates full upper body movement with ease.

Clever accoutrements

I’m particularly enamored with the Invertor’s clever design features. There’s a sizeable pocket located on the left  front of the jacket, just above the heart—which in my experience is the perfect location for a pocket on a bike jacket. With minimal movement, a substantial storage of long-ride sustenance is available. The zipper requires only one hand for operation, so feeding can occur without any break in form. What I like best about this pocket is the way the zipper seals up almost invisibly—when closed it looks like a finely sewn seam—maintaining the jacket’s clean look and great aerodynamics. In the same vein, a back pocket allows me to carry my IPod while internal channels in the jacket allow me to run my headphones internally, making sure no wires are swinging in the wind.

Bottom Line: Sharp looking bike jacket built for equal parts high-performance and protection from the elements. Smart design features and unparalleled fit make the Invertor a sure bet.—D.C. (Mar 06)

Price: $150

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