Sugoi Skull Cap : Take Your Pooch With You
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Sugoi MidZero Balaclava : A Winter Biking Essential

In the winter, I don’t venture out on my bike without my Sugoi MidZero Balaclava.

Extremely warm despite its light weight, I find the MidZero Balaclava can handle pretty much any temperature within reason, especially when I wear it under my Sugoi SubZero Skull Cap. Both are sewn with wide, flat seams that fit comfortably under my bike helmet.

The inside of the MidZero Balaclava is fleece, so it feels particularly comfortable on my skin. Another bonus of this breathable fabric: when I wear my balaclava over my mouth to warm the air before it hits my lungs, it doesn't get clogged up with that special combination of mucus and saliva that cold weather cyclists are so good at producing.

Certainly, the MidZero Balaclava has applications beyond cold weather biking—it’s perfect for any cold weather endeavor, especially those that require high performance.

Bottom LIne:  Comfortable and smart design that works like a charm in the real cold. Wears particularly well underneath a bike helmet, but is a great choice for any cold weather sport.-- D.C. (Feb 06)

Price: $20

Manufacturer's Site: (check their web site to find retailers, as not all online retailers stock every hot chillys product)


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