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Sugoi Arm Warmers : Make Like Hank

Here's a classic case of arm warmer irony: During the athletic phase of my life when I rode thousands of miles each year I owned nary a pair of arm warmers -- and this from a guy who circled Brooklyn's Prospect Park throughout the winter with a group of hardcore two-wheelers decked out in the latest high tech garb.

Last December I was in South Africa for a five-day stage race in the Indian Ocean. Standing in the chilled morning air waiting for the sun to rise, I noticed that Hank McGregor, arguably the best ocean kayaker in the world, sported a pair of plain white arm warmers on his sculpted guns. I'd not seen other kayakers borrow from the cyclists' closet but it clearly fit the bill. "Makes getting in the boat in the wee hours of the morning a bit easier," he said. Hank happened to win the race and looked darn chic in the process -- a fact not lost on this aqua-athletic clothes horse.  

This fall as the temperature continues to drop on the Big Apple I've made like Hank and made Sugoi's Logo Arm Warmers a constant in my paddling arsenal. Worn with just a short sleeve rash guard these simple fleece-lined tubes of mid-weight polyester/spandex provide surprising warmth - the perfect anecdote to ward off the chill before I get my motor fully revved. If I get too warm during my workout I can roll 'em down or peel them off. On colder, windier days I wear them over a long sleeve capeline top and, viola, I've taken thermoregulation to another, more refined, level.

Available in men's sizes S-XL in white, matador (red), electric blue, and black. For women, too.

Bottom LIne: These moisture wicking arm warmers feature silicon rubber grips that hold them in place without being too tight. While they are easy to stow and function beautifully, I must admit that the bold black SUGOI logo stretched along my (modestly buff) biceps look down right cool --J.G. (Sept. '09)

BUY ONLINE : $40 at BikeUSA

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