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STM Scout Shoulder Laptop Bag

We’re in love, and we want everyone to know, especially our ex-computer bag.  It’s simple; our needs just weren’t being met.  Now they are, and we (me + my MacBook Pro, t.l.a.) have moved on to a stylish, simple shoulder bag, the Scout, by STM Bags.

When used to think we had to have a big, bulky bag to stay safe.  We also thought we needed so much room.  We don’t.  We’re downsizing, we’re keeping it real, and we want to zip from here to there without a fuss. 

We also want to look cool—who doesn’t—and we appreciate great design.  Our Scout shoulder bag is elegant and so easy to use. The entire bag is basically a densely-padded laptop sleeve, with a wide shoulder strap.  There’s nothing extra, so it’s a slim, trim, easy-to-maneuver bag. 

The laptop sleeve is quite sturdy and padded on all sides.  We love that it has a flap that wraps over the top and secures with a velcro-like material (the strip is about 10” long, and it sticks like crazy).  When I want to open it, there’s a small fabric tab to help me lift the flap open.  Nice. 

One the front of the Scout bag there’s a thin sleeve for a notebook, and two expandable pouch-like pockets: one for my power cord, the other for my cell pone or a portable hard drive. 

We love the soft yet durable canvas material used to make this bag; it gives the Scout a sophisticated, urban look.  We were getting tired of computer bags that looked like, well, computer bags.  We’re fancier than that.

The Scout shoulder bag is available in three sizes: iPad, XS (for most 11"-including MacBook Air 11"), S (for most 13"), and M (for most 15"), in black and in olive.

Bottom Line: I'm impressed by the style, design, and protection this bag provides. I don't trust my MacBook Pro to just any bag!--E.D. (June 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $59.95-69.99, click to shop.


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