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STM Micro Bag for iPads and Tablets

When it comes to bags, especially iPad bags, simple and sleek attracts me every time. What cinches the deal is dense, strategic padding.  STM’s Micro Bag  has the look and the protection I want!

Made out of water-resistant micro ripstop nylon, the STM Micro Bag is a sophisticated bag that gives me total piece of mind when I’m transporting my tablet. I see a lot of sleeves, bags, and cases, and STM has consistently impressed me with the thickness and density of the padding they use in their bags.  I don’t worry when people bump into me at the airport.  I don’t worry when I shove my Micro Bag into an overnight bag for a weekend away.  And I don’t worry that if the bag slips off the seat of my car when I’m driving that my tablet is doomed.

The inside of the Micro Bag feels soft and there’s padding underneath the zipper so the top of the tablet doesn’t rub against it.  The removable shoulder strap is plenty wide and has a removable pad that I can position against my shoulder for long hauls.  Most often I don’t even check to see if it’s in place because carrying just a tablet is so much lighter than my usual backpack and computer!  I like the strong nylon handles on the top of the bag, too, they make the bag easy to grab when I need to make a run for it.  When not in use, they can be tucked into small storage pockets.

The back of the Micro Bag has a flat sleeve-like pocket that’s perfect for a boarding pass and a magazine.  Underneath the flap on the front of the bag there’s another flat pocket where I stash my wallet, a pen, and a power cord.  I also use the removable lanyard to keep my keys handy. 

I love the Micro Bag because it’s so compact, it provides great protection, and it’s simply designed and virtually free of logos (there are a few, but they’re somewhat discreetly placed). The only thing I would change about the Micro Bag is making the front pocket a tiny bit more spacious so that the knobby end of my power cord or cell phone charger didn’t bulge up against the flat pocket. Still, the bag was designed for people who like to keep it simple and travel light.

Available in red or black, fits iPad and many tablet sizes.

Bottom Line: I'm loving keeping it simple with my STM Micro Bag.--E.D. (June 2012)

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