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STM Jet Laptop Backpack

I'd pretty much resigned myself to used bulky computer bags...until I discovered STM's Jet Laptop Backpack.

I love this sleek, slim pack because it looks great, it's comfortable to wear, and it helps me keep my portable office organized. Plus, it has an internal padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment.

The sleeve itself isn't an original feature--many packs have one--but what makes it stand out is its location. Rather than place the sleeve against the back of the compartment (like most other companies do), STM wisely placed the sleeve on the opposite side. So, the weight of the front of my pack doesn't all rest against my laptop. I like that. Plus, I still have some space between the sleeve and the back of the pack for a few magazines or folders. (The back of the pack is both semi-rigid and adequately padded. I like that, too.)

The front compartment is quite thin, and not designed to hold bulky items. Instead, it contains a panel of flat pockets (where I stash business cards, my iPod, and various iPod attachments like my voice recorder), a sturdy neoprene pouch (for my backup hard drive), and a roomy mesh zippered pouch (that's ideal for bulkier items like my power cord) on the opposite side. Beneath the panel, there's a fuzzy-soft sleeve for an iPad. The great thing about this compartment is that the zipper is completely hidden by a flap of material. I like the look and the weather protection this style provides.

On the front of the Jet pack, there's a flat zippered pocket that contains mini sleeves for my pens, a lanyard for my keys, and just enough space for a nutrition bar and a tube of lip balm! The pocket is hidden by a protective flap that seals with a Velcro-material and has an easy access zipper handle that allows me to unzip both sides of the pocket with one easy motion. There's also a roomy zippered pouch on the bottom of the front of the pack where I stash my power strip, my boarding pass, and my wallet. Because the middle compartment is best used for its pockets and sleeves, there's room for the pouch at the bottom pocket to expand backwards into the pack. Nice.

Zipper pulls make it easier for me to locate the zippers and provide a tiny blast of red color that provides a fun contrast against the black nylon material (which has a cool grid pattern).

The Jet pack has great padding at my lower back and behind my shoulders which make the pack comfortable to wear when I'm hiking across airport terminals. The straps have just the right amount of padding, as well as a handy sternum strap. I really appreciate that the Jet pack also has a waist belt; it helps balance the weight of the pack. Of course, there's a stretchy cell phone pocket on the right strap so I can have my phone close at all times.

Available in medium (15" computers) and large (17" computers), in black.

Bottom Line: I adore this pack. It's so sleek, it provides great protection for my computer, the pockets help me stay organized, and I feel quite nimble wearing it, even when it's packed full of gear.--E.D. (June 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $79.95-84.95, click to shop.


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