Repel 100 Insect Repellent : Say Goodbye to Bugs
The jungles of western Belize are full of an amazing array of plants, wildlife, and insects. Malaria is a concern... more...

StingEze Quick Insect Bite Relief, Liquid External Analgesic-First Aid Antiseptict : First Aid for Bug Bites

Although I was pretty thorough when applying insect repellent on a recent trip to the jungles of western Belize, I did miss a few areas. And a few pesky mosquitoes managed to find those unprotected areas! I was glad I had StingEze in my first aid kit. This small little bottle (just 0.5 ounce of concentrated pain and itch relief) comes with a dropper-style applicator tip, so it was easy to just rub it around my bug bites. I only needed to apply it a couple of times – once right after I got bit, and then again about 15 minutes later. Then I promptly forgot about the bites for the rest of the trip. Mission accomplished.

Bottom Line: I’ll throw this into my first aid kit when I’m outdoors this summer for extra insurance in against bites and stings. I know it’s effective at relieving pain, itching, and swelling.--J. I. (June ‘05)

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