Sporthill Nomad Hoodie : Ready to Run
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Sporthill Nomad Hoodie Jacket : For Men and Women

The Nomad feels as luxurious as a satin robe. When I pulled it over my head for the first time, I felt like I was "slipping into something more comfortable."

The fabric is a stretchy knit, with an exterior that's so smooth it actually has a slight sheen. The brushed interior is fleecy, just like my favorite college sweatshirt--only softer. So now that fall's cooler temperatures have arrived, it's no wonder that I keep reaching for the Nomad. (Available in men's and women's sizes. Women's pictured above.)

That silky-soft fabric is called DryLite, a moisture-wicking blend of nylon, polyester and spandex. It feels great when I pull it on after my gym workout, over my sweaty clothes, because the DryLite doesn't trap moisture inside and make me feel clammy.

I've also worn it as a base layer for cool-weather outdoor workouts (the Nomad is designed for 25 to 65-degree F temperatures). It blocks wind fairly well on its own, but for extra protection in cold weather, I wear it under a light shell--a layering combo that never feels bulky. It's even perfect for riding my cruiser bike around town because high performance isn't all the Nomad offers: It also looks good, thanks to a cool reflective design on the sleeve.

The fit is athletic without being confining. Even the hood has a trim profile, which keeps it from blowing off my head on breezy days or while I'm riding my bike. To warm up my ears, I simply cinch the drawstring. I like the double cuffed sleeves with thumb holes that keep my hands cozy in chilly temperatures when gloves feel like overkill.

Finally, I adore the color. The "Jade" is a rich blue-green that garners compliments wherever I go. Gotta love that, too.

Sizes: XS-XL women; colors Jade or Black. Men's sizes S-XL; colors Black and Legion Blue. Men's hoodie does not have thumb loops.

Bottom LIne: It's like a super slimmed down fleece, and it feels great even after my workout's over.--K. B. (Oct. 09)

BUY ONLINE : $58 women's, men's

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