Jo-Sha Wipes : Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean
It occurred to me at my last yoga retreat that I might benefit from cleaning my mat, but I didn't want to use a cleanser containing harsh chemicals...(more... )


Sporthill Infuzion Glove : Keep the Chill Out

I never know what to wear on in-between days, when it's cool and drizzly but not that cold.

I always start off my power walks and runs with cold hands, but if I wear gloves my hands get too warm.

Enter Sporthill's Infuzion glove, a lightweight polyester/Lyrca running glove that's idea for cool to cold weather activities. I like the thin, stretchy material, which feels like a second skin but isn't snug or binding. Wide cuffs keep my wrists warm and the gloves in place.

Because these gloves are so lightweight, I can easily stow them in my pockets if my hands warm up. There are grippy ridges across the inside thumb and palm so I can open doors without taking off my gloves (Still, I wish they'd continued the grip strips along each finger, too.)--a bonus on cold days. When the temps drop this winter, I'll wear them as liners when I go snowshoeing.

Bottom Line: The perfect glove for cool and cold weather running, hiking, and skiing.--E .D. (Nov '06)

Price: $20

Manufacturer's Site:


When traveling, pack a jump rope and some rubber tubing so you'll have an instant workout kit when you arrive.

Source: American Council on Exercise

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