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Speedo Sublime : Briefs for the Long Haul

I’ll start right off the bat admitting that I am not, by normal American standards, a modest guy.  I once held a job delivering singing telegrams, and occasionally had to appear in sports bars wearing not much more than a diaper and a bonnet.  That being said, I am not the guy who clears out the hot tub by showing up in a swimming suit tiny enough to make everyone within splashing distance uncomfortable.  I do, however, appreciate the low drag profile of the Speedo Sublime, a brief that fits snugly, but is anything but ugly.

As an average swimmer, with high body density (I can’t float on my back or my front, and I have several lifeguard training instructors to testify to the fact), the less I have weighing me down in the pool, the better.  And as anyone who has, like me, switched from old-school swimming shorts to a Lycra brief can attest, there is a big difference in how fast and far you can swim when there's less drag. 

At the same time, if you regularly swim in chlorinated pools, you pay the price for the thinner material.  Briefs I’ve worn in the past have disintegrated with alarming speed, and I almost became the scary hot tub guy one day when I pulled on my suit and happened to catch sight of the almost-transparent material in the mirror.  I’ll do almost anything to complete a workout, but those worn-out briefs almost stopped me.  (I used a towel to get to and from the pool).  With the Speedo Sublime’s relatively thick, chlorine-resistant Antron nylon/Lycra spandex blend, fully-lined front panel, and reinforced seems I can put my immodest past behind me, and look forward to good swimming workouts for a long time to come.

Bottom Line:   A sturdy pair of well-fitting, low-profile swim briefs that last longer than I do in the pool. –B.S. (Jan ’06)

Price: $35

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When traveling, pack a jump rope and some rubber tubing so you'll have an instant workout kit when you arrive.

Source: American Council on Exercise

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