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Speedo Sengar Goggles : Fog-Free Comfort

In my experience, swim goggles are not long for this world. Invariably, either the foam padding around the eyes or the wide, thin rubber strap gives up the ghost first, losing pliability and letting chlorinated water in to torture my eyes. Or the band simply snaps one day when I try to put on my goggles. At a mere 12 dollars, if the Sengar were to do likewise I couldn’t complain too much. At least for the time I wore them I would have enjoyed a great set of goggles. But these goggles are made well with durable materials, so I've been enjoying them for some time.

With the exception of the lenses, the Sengar goggles are all rubber. The cups around the eyes are made out of a soft, flexible rubber that not only promises to hold up over time, but creates an excellent suction seal, keeping pool water away from my delicate eyes without requiring tightening beyond the point of comfort. In fact, I can get by with the straps almost loose. The straps are made of a narrow but thick rubber that also seems heartier than the straps on other goggles I've used. Even better, the strap doubles behind the head, making it easier to find a comfortable fit. The means of adjusting strap length is at least twice as intelligent and easy as other goggles I’ve used.

Finally, for some reason I cannot explain, the lenses never fog up, which, in my experience is also a novelty. 

Bottom Line: Not Speedo’s top-of-the-line, but certainly a great set of goggles that fit comfortably, seal reliably, adjust easily and refuse to fog. Can’t go wrong, especially for the price.--D.C. (Jan 06)

Price: $12.00

Manufacturer's Site:

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